Risograph MZ770E (twin drum)

A Risograph machine is a stencil based digital duplicator, which is incredibly energy efficient because it does not use heat and very little electricity. Unlike laser or ink jet printers it prints one colour at a time by passing ink through a ‘master’ which is attached to an ink drum. We have a twin drum machine, making it very quick and easy to print two colour designs. It can be printed from a digital PDF, or directly from the bed of the machine, like a photocopier. Files should always be provided as separated and black and white PDFs. See Riso File Set Up for information on preparing your projects for print.

Xerox Laser Printer (A3 black & white)

An A3 digital laser printer. This is ideal for book projects with lots of pages of text, or quick and straightforward black and white zines, posters and flyers printed. It prints on a range of different papers, up to 300gsm. It can print in colour as well as black and white. You might get better and more professional results from outsourcing colour printing, however this can do a mock up, or some simple colour sections for a zine or book project.

A3 Scanner

The studio also houses an A3 flat bed scanner. We can scan documents for you or studio members can book in to use the scanner, linking it to their own laptop.


Ideal 4850-95 Guillotine

The Ideal 4850-95 cuts paper! The easiest piece of equipment in the studio to understand; it automatically cuts paper and card to your desired size. We can cut sheets of paper which are A2 and under and can cut a whole ream of paper in one cut. It’s perfect for trimming and cutting posters, flyers and booklets to full bleed and custom sizes.

Plockmatic Collator

This machine automatically orders sheets of paper for book and booklet making. So, when you have printed each section of a booklet, this machine will then automatically set them into the correct order ready to be stapled and folded. Our Plockmatic 310 Pro is a ten station machine that can collate flat sheets up to A3 in size, meaning you can make booklets A4 and smaller.

Duplo Autobookie Booklet Maker

A quick fire booklet maker. The Duplo Autobookie Pro is is a desktop sized, part automated machine that can automatically staple and fold booklets sized A4 and smaller. It can staple and fold up to 13 sheets of 80gsm paper; thats a 52 page booklet. Perfect for open-access members to use for low print runs.

Plockmatic Booklet Maker

A step up from the beloved Autobookie! The Plockmatic booklet maker can staple and fold up to 22 sheets of 80gsm paper (that’s an 88 page booklet!). Like the Autobookie, it takes both A4 and A3 paper, so can produce both A5 and A4 booklets, which can then be trimmed down to the size you desire. Super fast and accurate, but a bit tricker to operate, this is the machine we use for commercial print jobs and would suit more ambitious projects in the studio.

Plastic Coil Binding Machine

Coil binding is an attractive binding solution where a bright plastic coil (of many various colours!) is inserted into a number of wholes that are punched along the left edge of your document. We stock a core range of colours for this binding method; white, yellow, red, blue, navy and clear and can coil bind a range of page counts.

Tabletop Perfect (Glue) Binder

Perfect Binding is widely used to produce soft cover books of a page count of 44 pages upwards. With this binding method, the pages and cover are glued together along one edge with a strong yet flexible thermal glue creating a spine. We then trim the other three sides of the book to give a clean and perfect finish.

Folding & creasing

Our folding machine can turn flat sheets of paper into folded leaflets at an alarming speed! Suitable for high quantities of light and medium weight paper. Our semi-automatic creasing machine is used to make book covers, cassette J-cards, greeting cards or to crease thicker weights of paper before folding.