Print Service

Our main print method is Risograph. It’s a single colour print process a little bit like screenprinting. The machine prints up to A3 on uncoated papers. Each print can use many colours which are built up in layers. We also have an A3 laser printer, which is best suited for high quality black and white printing. Ideal for book projects, or simple, low cost posters and flyers. It can also print in colour, but you may get better results by outsourcing to a larger scale digital printer. On both the Risograph, and our laser printer, we can print posters, flyers, leaflets, menus, invitations, cards, and more, cut down to any size below A3.

We offer a range of binding options in the studio, suitable for publications of all shapes and sizes. When binding your publications, we can combine pages printed on the risograph and laser printer, as well as any outsourced printing such as high quality digital colour printing.


  • Staple binding

    Also known as saddle stitching. We can bind booklets of up to 80 pages (when using 80gsm paper), and of any customisable size from A6 to A4. Staple binding is ideal for both large volume print runs, as well as small editions and zines.

  • Perfect binding

    We can make paperback books up to A4 in size. The maximum spine width is 38mm. We don’t recommend perfect binding publications of less than 44 pages. Our perfect binder glues single sheets together and wraps a piece of card around to make the cover and spine. It’s perfect for mixing together print methods, and is great for small to medium run publications.

  • Coil binding

    A popular method which uses a chunky plastic coil and a series of holes to hold your paper together. Coil binding is suitable for publications of any length and size. Often used for calendars, or to add something special to a book project or portfolio. Like perfect binding, coil binding can bring together different print methods in the one package, and is appropriate for small to medium print runs. 


Risograph machines can only print on A3 or A4 paper between 80 and 280gsm. Due to the nature of riso inks, we are only able to print on to uncoated paper.

We stock a range of papers suited to risograph printing and publication making. All our papers are recycled, FSC certified or otherwise donated, with the correct texture to absorb the ink nicely and bind neatly. It is not guaranteed that paper sourced elsewhere will work with our equipment and could cause waste and unsatisfactory results.

In addition to these in-house papers, we are happy to order in any special paper you require. When ordering paper in, we may ask that you purchase the whole ream, as it might be something we wouldn’t normally be able to use or sell. We regularly order heavier weights of Context colours, Pop’set and Colorplan, Fedrigoni, Munken or Olin papers on request.

Note! You can always check in with us to see if we have anything special left over from previous jobs and projects which might suit your purposes.

  • Evercopy plus*


    *we also carry a newsprint which is similar in shade, for cheap, bulk jobs!

  • Evercopy premium


  • Context natural

    90gsm — 100gsm — 115gsm — 135gsm — 170gsm — 190gsm — 250gsm

  • Arden white

    120gsm — 150gsm

  • Lilac

    80gsm — 120gsm — 160gsm

  • Pastel blue

    80gsm — 120gsm — 160gsm — 230gsm

  • Pale green

    80gsm — 120gsm — 160gsm — 230gsm

  • Pastel yellow

    80gsm — 120gsm — 160gsm — 230gsm

  • Golden yellow

    80gsm — 120gsm — 160gsm

  • Peach

    80gsm — 120gsm — 160gsm

  • Salmon


  • Tangerine


  • Orange

    80gsm — 120gsm — 160gsm — 230gsm

  • Red


  • Pastel pink

    80gsm — 120gsm — 160gsm

  • Grey

    80gsm — 120gsm — 160gsm — 230gsm


All jobs differ, depending on complexity and paper choice, so just send us an email or drop in to the studio when we’re open. Alternatively, we have listed a range of set prices for common jobs you can choose from.

Dreaming big on a budget?

Risograph printing can add up! If you have a publication project in mind but aren’t sure what’s possible within your budget, just let us know what you’re looking for, and how much you’re thinking to spend. We can advise on ways to bring your project within budget, while still making it special.


We offer a 20% discount for printing on all activist work or union campaigns, as well as student projects. If you’re looking for student discount please email us from your institutional email adress.

Those with active open-access membership also receive a 20% discount, just remind us of your membership number when you email.

What we need to know to build a quote

*What do you need printing and what size is it?
[eg. “A5 booklet”; “A3 poster”; “12cm x 10cm cards”]

*How many copies?
[we recommend no less than 30 copies if using Risograph]

*What print method? 
[eg. Risograph, black and white laser, a mixture]

*How many colours (if using risograph)?
[eg. “blue and sunflower” or “three colours”]

*What kind of paper?
[eg. “I know I want 100gsm”; “I’m not sure, something light”; “can I see some samples?”]

*Do you require any kind of finishing?
[eg. trimming, folding, binding]

*If you require delivery or are able to collect.
[so we can better estimate a timescale for you]

*Your phone number.
[so that we can give you a call if anything goes wrong!!]

Do you have a strict deadline?
[our lead times vary depending on the scale of the job, it might be helpful to know when you need it by.]

Basic print orders

*Posters — A3
100 x A3 / b&w laser / 80gsm coloured paper..... £13.70
50 x A3 / 1-colour riso / 80gsm newsprint..... £16
100 x A3 / 2-colour riso / 100gsm context..... £36

*Flyers — A5 & A6
200 x A5 / 1-colour front + back / 150gsm arden..... £52
300 x A6 / 1-colour front + back / 190gsm context..... £59

*Prints — A3 & A4
50 x A3 / 3-colour / 170gsm Context Natural..... £48
50 x A3 / 4-colour / 190gsm Context Natural..... £6
100 x A4 / 3-colour / 190gsm Context Natural.... £55
100 x A4 / 4-colour / 250gsm Context Natural..... £70

*Booklets — A5
50 x A5 / 24pp / b&w laser / 80gsm evercopy plus….. £70
50 x A5 / 16pp / 1-colour risograph / 80gsm coloured paper….. £120
50 x A5 / 28pp / 2-colour cover + 1-colour inners / 135gsm cover + 90gsm inner….. £180
50 x A5 / 24pp / 2-colour throughout / 90gsm context….. £195

50 x Cassette J-cards / 1-colour / 150gsm arden.... £45
100 x 7” artwork / 2-colour / 250gsm context / Folded ..... £85
100 x A3 Newsletter / 1-colour front + back / 80gsm evercopy plus..... £35

*Basic Reprographics
Black and White A3 print out / 80gsm..... 10p
Black and White A4 print out / 80gsm..... 5p
Colour A3 print out / 80gsm..... 50p
Colour A4 print out / 80gsm..... 25p
A3 scanning 300/600 dpi (1-5)..... £1.50 
A3 scanning (5-15)..... £1.00
A3 scanning (20+)..... £0.75