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Since you might be getting a chance to read more than usual, consider adding a specially designed artist bookmark to your order before check-out & donate £2.50 to a charity or specific community fund.
For Autumn 2021, these bookmarks are brought to you by…..
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April — May 2020
£285 was raised from bookmarks created by Good Press & Friends and was donated to : the - MORE campaign for Phone top ups For Asylum Seekers & Refugee in COVID19 Lock down; Trussell Trust Foodbanks ; SWARM hardship fund for sex workers in crisis ; Women’s Aid ; SAY Women & Unity Centre Glasgow 

June 2020
In the month of June 2020, in support of the Black Lives Matter protests, we donated £289.50 to community bail funds, mutual aid funds and racial justice organisers in the US. Donations were made through the Act Blue contribution splitter which you can find out about here

July — August 2020
£212.50 was sent in the direction of organisations and campaigns working tirelessly to improve the conditions and protecting the rights of asylum seekers and refugees in Glasgow and Scotland-wide through providing accomodation, items such as clothing, toiletries, food, phones & top ups, mental health care, as well as organising against & resisting detention and deportation: MORE campaign for Phone top ups For Asylum Seekers & Refugee in COVID19 Lock down ; Unity Centre Glasgow ; Ubuntu Women Shelter ; Refuweegee ; No Evictions Network Emergency Fundraiser ; Saheliya 

September 2020 — August 2021
we invited Jamie Crewe, Rae-Yen Song, Sally Hackett & Chris Harnan to design a new set of bookmarks. Over the course of (nearly) a year, £1060 was sent to a range of organisations and fundraisers. These were:

Refuweegee, a project based in Glasgow who provide a warm welcome to forcibly displaced people arriving in Glasgow. They provide packs including essential items and a welcome letter, which are distributed through schools and community organisations. Maryhill Integration Network, who bring refugee, migrant and local communities together through, art, social, cultural and educational groups and projects, offering people a chance to learn new skills, meet new people and share experiences. Positive Action in Housing - an independent, anti-racist homelessness and human rights charity based in Glasgow. They are dedicated to supporting women, children and men from refugee and migrant backgrounds to rebuild their lives. As well as two fundraisers providing disaster relief for the Lebanese Transgender community and funds for LGBTQ victims of Beirut's explosion.