• RECOMPILE (TNT 89); by sideb0ard
  • RECOMPILE (TNT 89); by sideb0ard
  • RECOMPILE (TNT 89); by sideb0ard
  • RECOMPILE (TNT 89); by sideb0ard

RECOMPILE (TNT 89); by sideb0ard

205 x 147mm, 24 pages, black and white printing, saddle stitched, 2023

Includes CD and download code of the music discussed in the book plus a lovely vinyl sticker.

Released in collaboration with logicofthesignifier.bandcamp.com

The author, Thorsten Sideb0ard, says:
'I've been working on my live coding audio environment, Soundb0ard, for several years now. It encompasses many components, from various synthesizers I've built - fm, subtractive and granular - plus a programming language to control the processes. For this project, however, I focussed solely on the use of algorithms to chop, arrange and trigger cut-up short samples, with all samples being recorded from the Todd Terry section of my record collection. I started clubbing in 1990, so these records were already old by then, but still sounded amazing. Todd Terry records spoke to me of an imagined New York, which sounded so foreign and exotic to a working class lad in 1990s Glasgow.

I've long been a fan of zines, and love how zines have been an essential part of a DIY alternative culture. I wrote several zines back in the 90s, a couple of comic zines in the 2000s', and in recent years have been actively producing several projects. Whenever I find a zine section in a store, I always try to find any sort of zine that focuses on digital art practice, yet have found very few. This zine is my first effort in producing new zine writing on digital art culture. I teased out a lot of the content from a talk I gave recently at AVClub SF, an awesome creative group here in San Francisco. In it I spoke about my history in technology, from my earliest discovery of Linux and Perl at Stanford Research Institute in the late 90s, and the allure of the terminal from the perspective of hacker and phreak culture, aesthetically drawing on ascii text articles from the likes of 2600, Phrack, and Bulletin Board System text files.

The cover art is a drawing I did of Todd Terry based on the infamous House of M in which Scarlett Witch declares "No More Mutants". The inside artworks are from pieces I've written using p5.js'

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