six-panel black cap, two-colour embroidery, comes with risograph printed one-sheet 2022

To celebrate Good Press's 11th birthday, we offer you this cap! The Printhead cap is a wink to a 32 St Andrews Street common taste; The Fall, and their very good song "Printhead". While the name translates easily to our position of working with print (duh), the term Printhead wasn’t coined as a flattering one by MES:

Printhead is like that - a lot of people don’t realise about print, and what the papers do. A lot of bands live by the papers, y’know they get stomach upsets in the morning. I went through it for a short while but I think it’s very funny. I’ve met loads of people who were crying their eyes out because they’d just had a bad review from someone that’s just learned to write. In my mind it’s just pathetic.” — Mark E. Smith from the Printed Noises Interview, 1980

I’d like to think that we share MES’s blasé attitude to public image (ltd), but then that wouldn’t really be fair to how much we actually do care about what we do as a space, and how the space exists in community. Being part of Good Press is much like working together in a band. When it’s good, it’s good and we all get drunk and you all have your own roles and are trying to collectively hold it all together with cohesion, hopefully creating a big crashing beat. Sometimes things drop a little, our instruments collide, but that’s a story another and certainly won’t sell you this wonderful cap.

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