• PLANET DRILL by Jessica Laser
  • PLANET DRILL by Jessica Laser
  • PLANET DRILL by Jessica Laser
  • PLANET DRILL by Jessica Laser

PLANET DRILL by Jessica Laser

152 x 203mm, 88 pages, black and white printing, softcover, perfect bound, 2022

I don't know where this Planet Drill comes from; I only know it's a capricious bell ringing from the new stark-echoic. That's the mood of these doom poems at rest. Jessica manipulates the bloom of her untraceable mother tongue with the romantic gestures of anti-matter. This is a real model of acutely aqueous guesswork. Planet Drill embraces that silent effusion, drip by drip, in the muggy onward. Send your corporeal blood pacts back to the insane prayers of drunken idols: Planet Drill doesn't need them...
– Carlos Lara 

In their dizzying play between surface and depth, Jessica Laser's poems take on a vertiginous, disorienting power. Their tightly wound syntax blasts a sound akin to prophecy piped in from a place I can't yet name. They shine, they well, they vibrate, they ask into the mysteries by which the world is repeatedly demolished and remade by imaginative power. They belong in your hands right now. 
– Elizabeth Willis

In an era of disintegration, frack and melt, any human who wants to move away from habits of harm must feel for new ways to inhabit Planet Drill, using our signature bodily function: language. In Jessica Laser's Planet Drill, human language is like the slime-mold quietly recreating the subway map of Tokyo: deft, resourceful, pliant, responsive, and finally, collectively, wise. 
– Joyelle McSweeney


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