• OF THE ROAD by Nick Cash

OF THE ROAD by Nick Cash

C20 cassette tape, photocopied artwork

Nick Cash has been playing drums since he was 15 years old. He has played with bands, at one time or another, such as Non Stop Walter, pray VEC, Fad Gadget and The Lines. He had his 'lucky' break when music composed with Giles Perring was taken up by The Extreme Music library 'Rhythmworx' & 'Rhythmworx2'.


 He has through this time continued to create artworks for his own amusement. He has collaborated with his son Nathan and his daughter Anna and is now encouraged to come out of the closet as an art maker. He states 'I cannot go on endlessly lugging drum kits around into my dotage for chumps change. Carrying a piece of paper and a pencil to work is a very attractive alternative.' of Texas origins, he is now based in Glasgow....

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