• IT CHANGES by Ailie Ormston And Tim Fraser
  • IT CHANGES by Ailie Ormston And Tim Fraser

IT CHANGES by Ailie Ormston And Tim Fraser

12" Black vinyl, Colour sleeve, 2022

It Changes is a new album by Ailie Ormston and Tim Fraser. It incorporates samples of collaborative session material, automated MIDI instrumentation, and adhoc field recordings. Music from this album was first presented in 2019 as a larger audio-visual work which debuted at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow as part of Counterflows festival. The recordings were then completed in 2020 during the first lockdown using voice notes and by running a 7.5m headphone cable between their neighbouring flats.

The album’s title It Changes is taken from a Sherman Brothers song of the same name, written for the animated film Snoopy Come Home. It mirrors themes of alienation and attachment associated with Peanuts characters, and looks at modern individualist and consumerist ideas of desire and liberation. It uses the 1992 UK Clubland anthem Only Love Can Set You Free by N-Trance as a central motif, noting the last three decades of neoliberal policies and affected culture. References to the decline of the welfare state and increased surveillance are contrasted with sincere messages of love and resistance.

All music written, recorded and produced by Ailie Ormston and Tim Fraser in Glasgow.

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Bison Records

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