• HG by Squares and Triangles

HG by Squares and Triangles

black vinyl 12 inch record, Edition of 300, 2015

Squares & Triangles formed in 2007 with an impromptu performance in a wooden shed in Unnaryd, rural Sweden. Despite living as far afield as London, Zürich and Copenhagen the band, made up of visual artists Jason Dungan, Dustin Ericksen, Sam Porritt, Anthony Faroux, and Maria Zahle have continued to play together.

Their music is formed through song-oriented improvisation and a constant recording. A Squares & Triangles ‘song’ is never played the same way twice. The fluidity that comes from well-honed group communication is deliberately undermined by instrument-swapping, intentional mistakes, and unusual structures.

For 'Hg' they returned to Unnaryd and set up a studio in the shed where the band began. Material was also recorded on the stone ramp of a barn, in a boat on a lake, and in the open air. Fishing, the sounds of marsh birds, and mosquitoes played a large role in the recording process. 

'Hg' is a 12” LP vinyl record in a limited edition of 300. Recorded in Andersabo, Unnaryd, Sweden and mastered by Nick Murphy, produced by Tamsin Clark and Mat Jenner.

'Hg' is the inaugural release from Oh, a label instigated by OSE associate John Lawrence and artist Mat Jenner. 

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