• FREE RADICALS by Donald Butler
  • FREE RADICALS by Donald Butler

FREE RADICALS by Donald Butler

90 x 250mm, 4 page concertina, risograph printing, 2020

We're sat on our knees touching the backs of yellow seats, hands on laps or leafing through menus of drinks, perfumes and Pringles, asking ourselves how far we can spread out legs without intruding each other's space or guessing who's allowed to lean themselves on the shared armrest. My head is pressed against the window looking out as the jet secured under the wing of the plane churns through a cloud, its vibrations making me queasy... 

Donald Butler is an interdisciplinary artist and writer based in Glasgow. Their practice and research is continually informed by the experience of living with HIV and the collapsing of identity with epidemiology. The practice is an infected body, a stain of immorality, the site of contagion; it looks to viral transmission as a relational method and as a system for the display of information. It is haunted by trauma and is steeped in complex interconnectedness.

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