• ECLIPSE / SALCEY by Robyn Maclennan
  • ECLIPSE / SALCEY by Robyn Maclennan

ECLIPSE / SALCEY by Robyn Maclennan

400 x 500mm, 2 pages, Colour printing, Unbound, Ed. of 40, 2024

Published on the occasion of The EcoGothic Forest, an exhibition by Robyn Maclennan, Dubrek Gallery, 2nd March – 30th March 2024

EcoGothic theory is a framework for interrogating how the natural world is represented in visual culture and how fear, in particular, becomes integral to our relationship.

The ecoGothic places an emphasis on darkness, time, and non-human agency. By using slow, analogue processes Robyn opens up her practice to interference from agents other than herself, where plants can be used as natural developers and zinc plates can be abandoned underground for months at a time.

Robyn utilises photography and printmaking to combine the optic and haptic through handmade prints. By focusing on the undergrowth and overlooked textures of the forest, Robyn asks us to look closer, as macro visions of bark form new landscapes and invites us to get lost in the forest.

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Russula Press

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