• BOOK OF SHADOWS by Kayla Guthrie
  • BOOK OF SHADOWS by Kayla Guthrie
  • BOOK OF SHADOWS by Kayla Guthrie

BOOK OF SHADOWS by Kayla Guthrie

7.5 x 5 inches, 7.5 x 120 inches (opened), 24 pages, 5 color letterpress, hand-bound with accordion fold, Edition of 50, 2014.

We've very happy and very honoured to stock Book of Shadows from New York based artist Kayla Guthrie, published by Young Art in Los Angeles. An artists book of the highest order, this letterpress publication (designed by Eric Wrenn) was produced alongside Kayla's exhibition of the same name. We can't quite capture the beautifully illustrated wraparound, or do the precise letterpress and colouring justice, its just a wonderful publication.

'A transparent quarter moon is stamped into the morning sky.
You can see through filmy clouds to the clear, cold blue behind.
In my earphones, a man's deep, British-accented voice
sings above a strumming guitar. I think I hear: "with dark
combination, I found my thirteen years of carrion..." 

The album art in my ipod window displays a light pink blosom
and a woman's pale white face in the center of a dark square.
The lyrics are shifting uncertainly in my ears, rolling through the
hollow cavern of the song: "the four seasons, and their bounty,
with dark coronation, I found my thirteen years of carrion...with
all four seasons, and their marathon, I found my thirteen years of
carrion.." The man's whisper makes me think of peoples' minds
having flavour like bodies have smell; the infinitesimal physical
vibration of color; the luminous face on the album cover.
The innocence and certainty in her expression feels medieval,

'Kayla Guthrie (b. 1986) received her BFA from Emily Carr University, Vancouver, BC. Her writings and recordings have been included in various publications including SPOOX, Sister, and Larry's Berlin. She has recently performed at Real Fine Arts, New York; and Audio Visual Arts, New York. Her first musical release Friedrichstraße 4, buzz “Shin” at door was published by 100% last Fall.

Published by

Young Art Los Angeles

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