• AUDIBLE TELLS by Ruaridh Law / TVO
  • AUDIBLE TELLS by Ruaridh Law / TVO

AUDIBLE TELLS by Ruaridh Law / TVO

Grey cassette, black and white j-card, Includes download card, Ed. of 50, 2022

Recorded in Barrmill, North Ayrshire, pressed in Dumfries and Galloway

In early 2021 my mate Jonny told me he was setting up a radio/media channel for Repeater Books, and would I like to contribute something? I'd done some shows for his previous radio station and the ones I enjoyed the most were the ones with lots of human voices in them. Maybe, I thought, I could do some sound art broadcasts with voices. After the first, pilot episode - an hour of audio of writers reading their work - there was something nagging at my brain. I had never made a film before but there was a whole fully formed script in my head along with images that I couldn't shake. Despite lockdown, and accompanied (when restrictions allowed) by my two boys and my partner, holding cameras, fixing tripods and rescuing me from mud, I started to put together the images into actual pictures - mostly static shots, but alive. And with a different voice front and centre each time, across 10 films. A couple of detours aside (into an AI generated text with long term friend/collaborator Bryan Kerr, and a slice of my mum's past) - and granted, with two of the films at time of writing this unfinished, just waiting for the time needed to push them over the line - these are all autobiography. But in each, the voice adds, embellishes or brings out something of their own, a different facet each time. These tracks are 11 excerpts from the voices of the films, and 11 reworked versions of the soundtrack to each. These tells are the best and only versions of each self.

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