☞ 32 St Andrews Street, Glasgow, G1 5PD

Peoples Projects & Publications since 2011

Ǥᗝᗝᗪ ᑭᖇᗴᔕᔕ is a volunteer-run-informal-organisation dedicated to the promotion and distribution of independently published printed matter with a focus on visual arts and writing; occasionally music and artist objects. 

All of the publications you find in-store and on-line are either self published or produced by an independent small press, gallery, group or organisation. We always have, and continue to operate an open submission policy. We will only refuse a submission if its content is offensive or harmful to others, or if the publication could otherwise be purchased at a larger scale retailer. 

Ǥᗝᗝᗪ ᑭᖇᗴᔕᔕ does not receive any form of public or private funding, it is entirely run on a voluntary basis and from Winter 2018 we will cease to run an in-house exhibition programme, instead dedicating the space to events and small presentations which are hosted - similar to the publications - on an open submission basis.

Ǥᗝᗝᗪ ᑭᖇᗴᔕᔕ is open Tuesday to Saturday, 11am until 6pm. Sometimes we are unexpectedly closed, we endeavour to notify of closures on social media however don’t hesitate to e-mail us if you are planning a special visit.


☞ How to submit your publication

All publications are held on a payment upon sale basis. We take a 35% commission on all retail prices, which helps to cover our rent, electricity, heating, water, insurance, maintenance and shortfall on quiet months.

If you would like to submit your publication, please drop into the shop with some copies (if you’re in town), or send us an e-mail with details such as author, price, a description of the book or zine, alongside photographs or a PDF if you can.

Normally we can hold 3-6 copies of each title (you’re allowed to submit more than one) and all we ask is that you check in after a few months at which point we can let you know how sales are going and pass on any money you are owed!

SUBMISSIONS: Please email - goodpressgallery@gmail.com

Please note we are unlikely to stock magazines, however some journals, occasional periodicals and recurring group publications with limited distribution can be found amongst our shelves.

☞ Would you like to hold an event?

If you would like to hold a reading event, performance, book launch, screening, meet up group or workshop (of the small, tidy variety) do get in touch with us with detailing your plans. We can host events during shop hours, on weeknight evenings or on Saturday afternoons.

We will do our best to accommodate your preferred date and time however it may be dependent on availability of volunteers. You will be responsible for the organisation of your event, including promotional materials (posters/flyers/facebook event or ticket links) and any hospitality you might like to provide to guests. If you are planning a book launch we will take a reduced commission of 10% on sales during the event. We will also circulate information through our networks to promote its happening.

EVENTS: Please email - goodpressgallery@gmail.com

Please note we do not have a mailing list, promotion of your event would be done through social media.

We are also open to submissions of interest for exhibitions, however we will give preference to presentations that evidence a connection to publishing practice and please be aware of the limitation of the space when proposing ideas.

☞ Extracurricularly

Good Press is now in possession of a risograph printer. It is not currently based in our shop front space, however in Spring/Summer 2019 we hope to establish a community printing resource where you can come and print your own publications and other paper & ink matter.

We are presently operating a commercial entity through which we hope to raise funds to work towards the community resource. If you have a print job or would like to find out more, find us here:


RISOGRAPH: Please email - goodpress.sundays@gmail.com