• SECRET FANTASIES by Niels Henrik-Bugge

SECRET FANTASIES by Niels Henrik-Bugge

c20 Black Cassette, Risograph Paper Cover, Ed. of 100, 2016

"I have for the past year collected stories. I started collecting them to expand my work beyond my own repository of memories and narratives. I wrote them down and some of the stories I have made audible as collages. I have many vivid memories myself and I found that people around had memories too that they were often equally reluctant to think back at. Often the narratives seemed to stem from a negotiation with an external world.

In the beginning I was asking people I knew in conversation if they had anything to tell. After that I began interviewing people and set up a blog so it would be possible to tell stories anonymously."

Secret Fantasies is a collection of sound collages based on descriptions of childhood fantasies, remembered by people around the world. People of varying degrees of celebrity have been selected to vocalise the fantasies. These people have been selected according to two criteria: suitable vocabulary on record, and appeal of their voices.

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