• RHEA by Ziad Nagy

RHEA by Ziad Nagy

Black 12” vinyl, Screen printed sleeve, Ed. of 100, 2017

“‘Rhea’ begins as an event and concludes as printed matter. Much like Cage’s ‘Water Walk’, the event of ‘Rhea’ consists of a series of fragmented performative gestures each with their own sonic characteristics. These movements will have auditory qualities that contradict their symbolic meaning; such as stepping on a bag of crisps or spreading butter on toast. Over time, these actions accumulate to reveal various rhythmic and melodic structures to be repeated or interrupted. This will be documented and then printed into an auditory and visual format. The conceptual essence of ‘Rhea’ is that the event oscillates between the symbolic and the auditory, whilst the printed matter amplifies this oscillation by projecting it into past and present.”

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Calling Cards Publishing

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