• DISPLAY HOMES 7" By Display Homes

DISPLAY HOMES 7" By Display Homes

Black 7” vinyl, 2018

“Display Homes are an Australian three-piece pop band that formed one night in late 2016 at a pool table in Marrickville - Greg and Darrell met Steph, who’d just come back to Sydney from Germany and reckoned she could play drums. Their first practice involved an abysmal attempt at a cover of Thin Lizzy's "Dancin in the Moonlight'", and they soon realised Steph clearly hadn’t been in a band before and Greg shouldn't sing. Regardless, the connection between them all was obvious, and the songs began to crop up naturally.

Just a few months after their first trip to the studio, Display Homes’ self-titled debut 7" is being released through London-based record label Tough Love Records. The three songs were recorded in April of this year in David Akerman’s studio in Marrickville, and just like all great current Australian music, they were later mastered by Mikey Young. As far as debuts go, it’s effortlessly perfect.

In this brief time together, the band have played a host of short and fast shows across Australia, alongside other great locals such as UV Race, Low Life and Orion. Buoyed by the inherent intensity that informs the Sydney DIY music community and a shared love for a wide range of 80s music, Display Homes play discordant pop-orientated post punk with a refreshing lack of self-awareness and lyrical honesty. In fact, Steph’s autodidactic approach to music means the lyrics were formed into songs somewhat unknowingly. As each song originates from a foolish nature and a tendency to improvise songs in any day-to-day situation, the end result is a set of direct, slightly jarring but infectious pop songs.”

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Tough Love Records

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