• DIAL-A-SAILOR BADGE by Nostalgia Nausea

DIAL-A-SAILOR BADGE by Nostalgia Nausea

58mm badge, Includes 1 sheet, All risograph printed, 2020

”These badges are part of a collection of bootleg commemorative memorabilia by Nostalgia Nausea, centered on queer and trans liberation and sex worker rights movements.”

“The inspiration for this page came from the English Collective of Prostitutes’ newsletter 'Network' (accessed in their full archive at Bishopsgate Institute, London). This newsletter was distributed in the 80s to spread word about the sex worker rights activism they were doing, connecting it with sex worker rights struggles worldwide. The newsletter was distributed in Australia, the USA, Canada and Trinidad & Tobago and also contained news on the sex workers rights movements there.”

"If you want to be a call girl, don't do it for free. Charge the earth - that's what their visit could cost us."

*Badge design & color of one sheet may vary*

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Nostalgia Nausea

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