OWN DE BEAUVOIR! By Jonathan Hoskins

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OWN DE BEAUVOIR! By Jonathan Hoskins


Self-published w/ Open School East

17 x 11.5 cm, 304 pages, Black & white offset printed, Perfect bound, Card cover, 2016

"The publication is a semi-fictional narrative of text and images, incorporating some of the donated photographs and documents, archival material and personal accounts accumulated throughout the project.

The fiction explores how an area may be transformed by localised collective action, and by representations that are made of it, in concert with the spaces of that area. It is presented as a recovered personal journal, as the book’s cover blurb explains:

“A personal journal is purportedly recovered from the home of its author, a man who is of the Area.

The author has recorded many months of work, following his discovery that the Constitution of the Area has been threatened with Extraction. To secure its future, he must reproduce the Constitution – identical but re-formed, as complete and coherent as the one he knows. To do that, he must recover all the Deliberation that went into its Assembly. The most decisive period was 15 years spanning the 1970s, when people of the Area worked to redirect its future from the one promised, of total demolition.

His ambition is forever frustrated. The neighbourhood he lives in is the outcome of the decisive period but under inspection it turns up social capillaries, institutional complexities and fragmentary imaginaries at odds with the familiar future they produced…”

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