DARK ENTRIES by Richard Cabut


DARK ENTRIES by Richard Cabut


Published by Cold Lips Press

A5, 150 pages, Black & white digitally printed, Perfect bound, Softcover, 2019

Dark Entries is a pitiless and uncompromising dissection of the contemporary psyche. It is a savage and brutally honest peek at a modern lifestyle characterised by aimlessness, and self abuse via reliance on extreme pornography and alcohol.

Containing an atmosphere laden with sexual anxiety and frustration, the book is both a psycho pulp and an urban blues.

A cultural critique as well as fiction, Dark Entries reveals deeper patterns – male entitlement, relationship breakdown, pent-up misogynistic rage, self-loathing – all incisively traced.

The book is a tale of suspense underpinned with intellectual bite, abnegation and nihilism.

Richard Cabut has the imaginative mastery to encase complex ideas in the flesh, blood and sexual fluid needed to render them visceral. He creates an unsettling portrait, acute and stingingly intimate – an extreme close-up that burns into the memory.

Millie Radakovic’s accompanying photographs combine poise with emotional acuity. They echo the book’s naked and confessional theme – of bringing the private into the public in order to  make cultural breakthroughs, revealing human truths.”

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