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230mm x 170 mm, 352 pages, offset printed in three spot colours, section sewn binding (perfect bound), comes with two bookmarks, edition of 600, 2017.

Published by Test Centre

'Test Centre is delighted to announce the upcoming publication of Currently & Emotion: Translations, an innovative and extensive anthology of contemporary poetry translations edited by Sophie Collins, whose debut collection is forthcoming from Penguin in 2017.

The anthology presents a varied and carefully curated selection of works which foreground the translator, and, by showcasing a broad range of approaches, seeks to challenge dominant perceptions of translation as an uncomplicated literary service that simply facilitates access to foreign and/or historical texts.

Currently & Emotion is comprised of 29 extended excerpts from book- or pamphlet-length translation projects (rather than one-off translations of individual poems), either unpublished or published since 2010. The selection leans towards translations by and from female translators and authors, and towards work that shows awareness of, and that negotiates in interesting ways, the complex power dynamics inherent to every act of translation.

Currently & Emotion is both a collection of striking original work and an insightful and provocative reflection on contemporary practices of translation. The anthology aims not to provide a definitive thesis on what the process and function of translation should be, but to encourage discussion about its challenges and possibilities, and the complex political and emotional issues with which it unavoidably engages.

In addition to the poems, the anthology includes extended introductory material by Sophie Collins, a preface by Erín Moure and an afterword by Zoë Skoulding. The excerpts are accompanied by short contextualising notes based on discussions with the translators and (where possible) the authors of the source texts.

The book is intricately designed by Traven T. Croves, printed in three spot colours which distinguish between the different layers of text – all translations in bronze, source texts in red, and secondary material in black. The cover artwork is by Stephanie Hier.'

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