Wednesday 9th October to Saturday 2nd November 2013

To mark the 2nd year passing of the existence of Good Press here in Glasgow, we're holding the annual Family Show, this time in its third incarnation.

This year, all artists currently involved in the operation of Good Press are exhibiting alongside an practitioner they admire, hold, dear, respect, just really love the work of and want to show their work of.

This makes a group show featuring the work of 14 artists in total displayed via the table-top installation space. Artists on the LEFT are Good Press members, artists to their right are their invited partner.

Tine Bek >>>> Lexie Giarraputo-Pym
Jessica Higgins >>>> Julia Gray
Nick Lynch >>>> Kevin Stanley Harris
Philip Nicholson >>>> Tim Devas
David Roeder >>>> Mirjam Jacob
Jamie Shaw >>>> Joe Skilton
Matthew Walkerdine >>>> Hugh Frost