That’s Life!

By Many, many people.



Saturday 30th April until Thursday 19th May 2016

Duplicating and frolicking. Good Press present’s a newly constructed, contemporary chronicle of audio offerings from a vast and sprawling pool of artists, musicians, writers, and individuals of cultural note. Each piece of audio resides in a C20, and will be offered for reproduction via the use of a tape duplicator for the price of £2 a pop, along with individual artworks to adorn the casings.


• Opening Event •

Saturday 30th April 2016

3pm onwards

Join us on Saturday 30th April 2016 to pick up your pick ‘n’ mix of audio visual liberation, eat maybe some BBQ food (if the forecast is good) or un-specified snacks (if the forecast is poor) and drink beers with friends.

Good Press
5 St. Margaret’s Place
G1 5JY

Part of Glasgow Zine Fest 2016.



Contributing artists include -  

Breakfast Muff
Claudia Vasiliu
Charles Rickleton
Christine Baird
Christophe Docherty
Chrysso Cosmas
Cru Servers
David Roeder
Dragging an Ox thru Water
Erika Elizabeth
Espen Friberg & Marianne Arnesen
F Magazine
Felicia Atkinson
Fritz Welch
Hannah Ellul & Ben Knight
Hannah Mandel
Happy Meals
Horse Mania
Iain Findlay Walsh
Irma Vep
Jake Kent
Jessica Higgins
Jot Fau
Kate Manning
Laetitia Glenton




Matthew Walkerdine
Michael Kasparis
Musheto Fernandez
Neil McGuire
New Values
Nick Lynch
Night of the Jaguar
Ollie Pitt
Owen Piper
Paul McKee
Peter Hurley
Raf Spielman
Rob Churm
Roxanne Clifford
Robert Duff
Sean Armstrong
Sebastian Rivera
Sham Gate
The Teleporters
Tony G.
Tokyo Chill
Zully Adler
Vital Idles