Esther McManus and Mark Simmonds

“Can the internet bookshop function as a portal to explore broader narratives, associations and alternate realities?” 

Beginning with an interest in dialogue and conversation, Esther and Mark’s research explored the ways that material and digital spaces can function as sites for both the reception and creation of knowledge. Based in London and Liverpool respectively, communicating solely through digital channels, they explored how an online remote residency could be inhabited and extended–finding points of contact with the physical world, and imagining the digital spaces as realms to be moved through, categorised and appropriated. 

Drawing on the Good Press online environment and bookshop as a source of content and site of dissemination, Esther and Mark’s conversations were posted and expanded with tangents, sources and links which ranged from the dialogical nature of reading texts, their interest in physicality, alternate realities and categorisation and a broad, expanded definition of what it means to “learn”.

Working from London, Esther McManus' work bridges research, publishing and education to explore collaborative practices. www.esthermcmanus.co.uk

Working from Liverpool, Mark Simmonds is interested in the ways and means of communication. www.marksimmonds.info.


* The research undertaken will be further compiled and expanded in book form, to be published in Spring 2017.*