Wednesday 8th May to Saturday 8th June 2013

‘My Life in History,’ the inaugural project from Good Press’ Remote Residency, presents a body of work made for the space by Los Angeles based artist Megan Plunkett. The exhibition presents new collages built from the archives of Good Press, the artist, and a few mystery sources, all of which navigate the strange ebb and flow of information as it exists in cultural archives.

The show will be accompanied by a new publication of the same name by Megan created in conjunction with the exhibition opening, and will also mark the debut of a new, soon to be titled book from the Kingsboro Press.

Megan Plunkett (b. 1985, Los Angeles) is an artist and co-publisher of The Kingsboro Press. She has exhibited work at Mitchell-Innes & Nash, W/, Know More Games, Light Industry, Szchesuan Best, and Golden Age, among others.

The great poster for My Life in History was designed by Megan's fellow Kingsboro Press member Dan Wagner.