New works by Stefanie Heinze and Alexandra Ruby Leach

Saturday 28th May until Friday 1st of July,

Good Press are delighted to announce "Most of the Time", a show of new works by Stefanie Heinze and Alexandra Ruby Leach.

Yorkshire via Glasgow luminary Alexandra R. Leach crafts irdidescently captivating works from observations of objects and sceneries that music critics would describe as "hopelessly mundane": shoes, ashtrays, traffic signs and so on. Treated by the hands and mind that observe without judging, this quotidian subject matter gets concised into something as sharp and radiating as a light-sabre.

Stefanie Heinze's works address the physical underbelly of post-postmodern existence in a manner that is as virtuosic as it is somnambulistically effortless. Within her semi-abstract layerings one might discover smudges from margarine stained fingertips, sausages abandoned in shabby corners and above all the every-frightening void of post-fun vulnerability winking towards you. 

Heinze's thoughtful encounters with the physical world build the appropriate counterpart to Leach's more somber object meditations, making "Most of the Time" an investigation of the threshold's between personal, intellectual and spiritual space.    


Opening 28th of May, 3PM, drinks provided