Saturday 6th June until Friday 10th July 2015

The Good Press 2015 Remote Residency
Inter-State by Sarah Baugh, Taryn Cowart and Nicole Lavelle.

Inter-State is a collaborative, process-based experiment in fragmented storytelling. Together Nicole, Sarah and Taryn will work remotely, exchanging materials via the United States Postal Service. They'll build a conversation-installation about summer, nature, feminism, friendship, remote collaboration, file sharing, self-orientation, utopian dreams, future plans, and pure feelings.

Sarah Baugh is an Idaho-born graphic designer whose mobile practice stretches from Richmond, Virginia to Green River, Utah to Portland, Oregon, and as well as other locations globally.

Taryn Cowart is graphic designer, dedicated feminist and INTJ. She lives in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Nicole Lavelle lives in Oakland, California. She works with people, place, language, and landscape.

Taryn, Sarah, and Nicole work together on design and art projects in locations across the United States, travelling together and collaborating remotely from their homes.

GOOD PRESS, 5 St. Margaret's Place, Glasgow, G1 5JY, UK.

Photographs updated 11/06/2015