is a presentation of recent/current/to the minute publishing activity.
It will run from Saturday the 22nd of April 2017 until Saturday the 27th of May 2017

The show will feature 5 week long presentations from 5 different European publishers:
Mick Peter, Jean-Philippe Bretin and Vanessa Dzubia (Collection Revue), Anna Gille, 100 Years Ago Today and Jamie & Rickie McNeill.

Throughout the whole period of the exhibition there will be shelves designated to each of those, with items for sale and further background information.

The show will open with the presentation by Mick Peter on Saturday, the 22nd of April, 3-6pm.

This date will also see the launch of his new publications “People Mostly/ Mostly People” (with Roger Malbert) and “Teenage Comics”. Drinks and Snacks will be provided.


22-28th of April: Mick Peter

Glasgow based artist Mick Peter works with drawing, sculpture, installation and writing and has recently started publishing under his own name. “Hidden things, embarrassing things, things that other people might do better” in his own words, a typically understated statement from one of our favorite local practitioners of the creative game.

Mick’s practice incorporates cartoon imagery as well as massive concrete structures and elaborate investigations of space (or all of this at once, like his recent Tramway show “Pyramid Selling”), his writings are, like his visual work, playful, engaging and astute.

We are delighted to be able to launch Mick’s  new collaborative book with Roger Malbert, the expansive “People Mostly/ Mostly People”  as well as a collection of “Teenage Comics” and a re-issue of last year’s “Writes and Rituals” on the occasion of From the Author.

29th of April – 5th of May: Jamie & Rickie McNeill

Our favorite Glasgow brothers-not-twins and Cru Servers have been publishing extensively over the last decade, together and by themselves, with Nazi Knife and a wide array of other collaborators. Putting layer and layer of “matter” on top of each other their works more often than not radiate like semiprecious stones, or oil leaks in puddles. Drawing from pop-cultural, occult and quotidian resources their collages, assemblages and drawings tie the loose threads of our sub/unconscious-visual-waste into knots, beautiful knots that might work as some kind of pre-language hieroglyphs, or maybe not. Following the winning RE-FASLANEd show in 2015, we are delighted to welcome the Jamie and Rickie again to the space, hoping for some much needed insights on ornithology, nuclear waste, bogs and trolls.

6th -12th of May: Anna Gille

Berlin based artist Anna Gille investigates virtual and non-virtual realities, mainly in the form of landscapes. Translated into delicate (yet bold) and rhythmic drawings these environments present themselves as entirely new entities, often walking a fine line between spatial representation and (at times, expressionist) complete abstraction. As much indebted to Kirkeby as they are to the polygonal worlds of (i.e.) Far Cry and Second Life these works are timelessly timely reactions to the overlapping realms of today’s reality. Anna’s books collect such scenarios under the overaching themes of their origin, be it Porto or The Sims.

13th-19th of May: 100 Years Ago Today

100 Years Ago Today is a series of collaborations between artists, writers, musicians, poets, and printmakers. Activities include publications, exhibitions, music, and more. The projects reconsider subjects that have become obscured with the passing of time. By drawing together images, writing and the individual perspectives of the invited artists, these ideas encourage a renewed interest in things which have been overlooked. Founded in Dublin in 2014, 100 Years Ago Today, emerged from the need to express the importance of marginalia and unsung curiosities, through friendships forged in publishing and exhibition-making in Ireland and the UK.

We are delighted to be able to launch “Thursday Street” on the occasion of From the Author, a new collaborative publication by Michael Hill, Kevin Kirwan, Francis Upritchard and Sam Venables

20th-27th of May: Jean-Philippe Bretin & Vanessa Dzubia

Hailing from Paris, Jean-Philippe and Vanessa are the minds behind the absolutely necessary and impeccably researched drawing periodical “Collection Revue” as well as a wide array of personal projects as artists, teachers and designers. Jean Philippe is one of the founding members of Modèle Puissance and investigates the transformative effect of printing and reproduction methods within his own practice as drawer. Vanessa’s work includes elaborate drawings and collages as well as contemplations on creativity itself and how it is affected by semiotics, environment and time.

We are delighted to be able to launch the latest, 5th edition of Collection Revue on the occasion of From the Author.