Wednesday 3rd September until Saturday 7th October 2014

FROM THE AUTHOR is a presentation of recent/current/to the minute publishing activity. It will run from Wednesday 3rd September until Tuesday 7th October 2014 at Good Press in Glasgow.

Publications from each publishing venture will of course be available for your purchase.

House Rules at From The Author, Good Press

11am, Wednesday 3rd September until 7pm, Tuesday 9th September 2014.

To begin proceedings we welcome House Rules, the publishing imprint of Goaty Tapes. On 3rd September, House Rules (Zully Adler) will present his new publication 'Casual Junk'. The fruit of a long term labor, and the first edition under the remit of House Rules, the new publication touches upon independent and lo-fi music scenes across the globe. 'Casual Junk' is an awe inspiring shrink-wrapped artefact negotiating the nature of lo-fi weirdo outside the norms musical production and the visual detritus therein.

The Bosman at From the Author, Good Press

11am, Wednesday 10th September at 11am until 7pm, Tuesday 16th September.

Following, from the mind and hands of Owen Piper, Glasgow based painter (not the 'and decorator' kind) we see THE BOSMAN. The Bosman is a free publication concerned with football culture, produced here in Glasgow by Owen and his invited guests in true independent form, raw information, photocopied, stapled and presented. For the second issue of this cheeky fanzine New York based artist Wendy White will collaborate. The Bosman will be installed on 10th September at 11am and will be taken down on the 16th September at 7pm.

Alma Matters at From The Author, Good Press

11am, Wednesday 17th September until 7pm, Tuesday 23rd September 2014.

Next the attention is turned to another relatively new publishing venture, Alma Matters of Leeds, West Yorkshire. Chief editor and producer Mark Simmonds produces well considered, carefully produced and skilfully designed books and printed matter on a range of subjects with 'the spirit of nineteenth-century penny dreadfuls' at its core. Our attention has been caught by the reprint of Arthur Machen's 'The London Adventure or The Art of Wandering', a tidy pocket sized book. Alma Matters will present an installation which will open on the 17th September at 11am and will close on the 23rd September at 7pm.

Museums Press at From the Author, Good Press

11am, Wednesday 24th September until 7pm, Tuesday 30th September 2014

From the 24th September the penultimate installation will be our very own Museums Press. Founded in 2009 and very much the grandmother of this group, Museums Press have found a groove and niche with their compilation style boxed publications. In September of 2014 the sixth in the line, Museums Six will be released in time for this presentation. A multi faceted publication featuring contributions from around the globe touching on the loose subject of 'Art for Leisure', this will be creatively installed, with care, for viewers to gain an insight into the breadth and community aspects of such a project. To repeat slightly, this will begin on 24th September at 11am and will be taken down on the 30th September at 7pm.

Verdrusz Books at From The Author

11am, Wednesday 1st October until 7pm on Tuesday 7th October

To conclude affairs Glasgow publisher Verdrusz Books will inhabit the tabletops to present another publishing direction in its infancy. No stranger to DIY publications, zines, comics and anything else printed on paper, David Roeder founded Verdrusz sharply following his return to Glasgow from Leipzig, Germany. The only book currently available on the roster is 'What R U Like?' by David himself. 100 floppy pages of reworked drawings, 'What R U Like?' was as much a testing ground as a polished body of work. Extensive labour and repetition finds 'What R U Like?' representative, contrary to the previous statement, of a picture of practise. Again, it is the care and attention to detail (see, grain of paper) of Verdrusz that makes it a worthy candidate for the inclusion to From The Author. This final chapter for From The Author will begin at 11am on 1st October and finish at 7pm on the 7th October.