New works by Alex Tedlie-Stursberg
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Saturday 19 May to Thursday 14 June, 2018
Opening Event: Saturday 19 May, 3 - 6pm
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I have to run so far to find a clear spot
Sun’s all hottin’ and a rottin’ hot
Swamp’s all rotten ‘n stinkin’ uhh
Vegetation’s hot
Sleepin’ in a bayou on a old rotten cot
Can’t find my kind of folks havin’ fun
I have to run run run run
Run to find a...


Alex Tedlie-Stursberg (b.1980 UK) Lives and works in Vancouver, BC

Alex Tedlie-Stursberg (BA/BFA/MFA) is a multidisciplinary artist working across various mediums including sculpture, assemblage and video. His work has been exhibited in numerous galleries across North America and Europe; recent and upcoming exhibitions include Holy Wave as part of Glasgow International, Scotland and Everything Flows, with Burrard Art Foundation, Vancouver, BC. In 2018 Stursberg will also be an artist in residence at the Glasgow Sculpture Studios.

Working with assemblage, cultural iconography and material appropriation, Stursberg’s practice looks at systems of value throughout society, demonstrating their interconnectivity and mutual dependency. Concerned with the nature of undervalued materials and the political economy of consumer resources his practice regularly utilises found objects of low material value, often acquired through thrift, salvage, or trade.

Stursberg continues to produce a range of group exhibitions, for organisations including Glasgow Open House Festival, Vancouver Art Book Fair, and
Vancouver Art Gallery. The most recent of these was Micro-Wave, a group exhibition of artists working with found materials presented in repurposed garage space in East Vancouver, BC


Lyrics by Captain Beefheart (1972)