Saturday 18th July until Friday 14th August 2015

A slowly built burner

A grouped effort of narrative endeavors feat. Christopher L G Hill, Rebecca Wilcox, Rob Churm, Gregor Wright, Lisa Holzer, Sarah Ferrick, Owen Piper, Jamie Bolland, Jae Choi & Emily Hunt, Jamie Shaw, and Suzanna Zak. Something put into place; introducing selves to other selves amongst an established grounding (see: narrative endeavors). For those interested in how words, images and things found lying around might stitch together to make some kind of sense and/or be placed somewhere or in a specific context to unfurl and build new reasonings. See also: comics; art writing; collage; publishing; poetry; drawing; distributive process; bootlegging. Someone who it takes some time to realize the amazing-ness of.Someone that you become truly passionate for. Also, anything with this quality. “Kate is a total slow burner. At first I didn't think there was much there, but now, good God!” (Definition of “Slow Burner” by Alex Hartlet, 13/09/2008, urban dictionary.com)

GOOD PRESS, 5 St. Margaret's Place, Glasgow, G1 5JY, UK.